Feb 22,2023

The customer initially inquired about purchasing a set of four duckling bath balls, and specifically requested that they be packaged in a folding box with a window, to allow for easy viewing of the products from the outside. We promptly responded to the customer, informing them that we could create the duck bath balls as per their request, but had not yet obtained a mold that would allow us to produce the desired 120g weight per duck. The customer was very interested in moving forward with the order, and requested that we provide them with information on the acceptable mold cost and time frame. Additionally, the customer was willing to provide a good credit guarantee order, showing their commitment to completing the transaction.

With the customer's agreement in place, we began the process of customizing samples. Our team of engineers worked diligently to create a product that matched the customer's expectations, taking care to document the entire process through photos and videos. During the course of testing, we discovered that two of the colors did not match the customer's desired specifications. Fortunately, our sample engineer was able to make the necessary adjustments to the salt powder, ensuring that the colors were perfectly aligned with the customer's needs.

In the end, if the customer is still not completely satisfied with the flavor and color of the customized sample, we are fully committed to creating a second sample and making any necessary adjustments to ensure complete customer satisfaction. Our team takes pride in delivering high-quality products that meet or exceed our customer's expectations, and we are committed to working closely with them throughout the entire process to ensure a positive outcome.

We accept product customization, product formulation customization,product packaging customization and product label customization.
We have an excellent design team,which has more than 27+ years of design experience.

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