Available for private labeling, our bath bombs for men are crafted with precision in China, using premium ingredients that cater to the unique needs and preferences of male customers. With their invigorating scents, powerful aromatherapy benefits, and skin-nourishing properties, our bath bombs offer a revitalizing escape from the daily grind.

Why choose our mens bath bomb:

1. Formulated with invigorating essential oils like peppermint, cedarwood and tea tree.
2. Charcoal and clay ingredients deeply cleanse and detoxify skin.
3. Packaged in understated dark colors with minimalist branding for masculine appeal.

4. Infused with shea and cocoa butters to gently moisturize without a greasy after-feel.

We specialize in OEM mens bath bomb services and have built a substantial and experienced pre-sales and after-sales service team over the years, enabling clients from various countries to trust and collaborate with us confidently.  Our past clients include Disney, Sephora, Claire’s, Kohls, Mad, and Boots, among others.

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Provide OEM/ODM services and supply customized samples for quality testing.
Offer support for package design and formula development.
Provide professional technology and marketing information recommendations.
Offer considerate service to assist you in obtaining the most valuable products.