Mar 16,2023

The benefits of factory direct sales

Slash Costs

Kiss pricy distribution, storage and marketing fees goodbye! With no middlemen markups, factory direct sales translate to serious savings passed down to you. Now you can indulge in premium products without blowing your budget. Cha-ching!

Amp Up Quality

Shopping straight from the source means manufacturers oversight quality from start to finish. No third parties means no blame games if stuff goes sideways. You can trust you’re getting expertly crafted goods made to impress.

Enhance Communication

Direct access gives manufacturers invaluable insights into customer needs. You get the golden ticket to share real-time feedback for even better products crafted just for you! Now that’s VIP treatment.

Speed Up Delivery

No middlemen jumbling up the works means lightning-fast fulfillment. Products ship straight from factory floor to your door for maximum convenience and freshness. Now we’re talking!

Boost Flexibility

Direct partners have manufacturers’ undivided attention. They swiftly adapt products and availability to match demand and the latest consumer cravings. No bureaucracy or red tape to slow things down. What a game changer!

Picking a bath bomb manufacturer

When selecting a bath bomb manufacturer, focus on these factors:
Production Skills
Look for proven expertise in bath bomb making. They should grasp ingredients well and reliably produce quality bombs that fizz and look great.
Export Know-How
For exporting, choose a maker experienced in international shipping, customs procedures and rules.
Team Player

Pick a cooperative manufacturer open to communication and meeting your needs. They should be responsive, accept feedback and adapt to your preferences.

About bath bomb manufacturer Boymay Cosmetics Co., Ltd.

If you are looking for a manufacturer for your wholesale bath bomb business, Boymay Cosmetics Co., Ltd. is trustworthy, a bath bomb manufacturer from China that can provide one-stop service.
Established in 1995, Boymay, as a large-scale manufacturer of bath products, possesses over 10 years of experience in the research and production of bath bombs and shower steamers.

Our large 40,000 square meter facility houses 14 automated production lines and over 200 employees. With a daily output of 20,000 units, we uphold stringent quality standards evidenced by our GMP 211, GMPC, ISO22716, FDA and SMETA certifications.

We offer the following key services:

  • OEM/ODM production and private label manufacturing based on customer specifications
  • Flexible shipping options - FOB, CIF or direct airport shipping
  • Our design team can assist with finishing product artwork
  • For large orders, we ship directly to Amazon FBA warehouses

Our Advantages

1. Low MOQ, suitable for trial order, meets the requirement at the beginning of a business.
2. Door-to-door service, no need to worry about the shipment.
3. We have our own brand and store in China, so we can get feedback from the customer fast.
4. We have neutral packing without our logo, you can use the gift box directly with low MOQ.
5. All bath bombs contain high-purity essential oil, which is more effective for skin care.

Our advantages bath bomb products are as follows, welcome to negotiate cooperation

ring bomb wholesale
sterling silver ring bombs wholesale
cupcake bath bombs wholesale
bath bombs wholesale
shower steamer label
bath bombs with crystals inside


1. Can you do custom bath bomb branding?
We are an oem bath bomb factory, we can help you with sampling and formulation, sourcing and sourcing of raw materials and packaging materials, work design.
2. Do you have other packages? Because I don't like the packages you guys are offering right now.
Yes, we can change other packages according to your requirements. We will introduce some others to you first, or we can design according to your drawings.
3. Are you a bath bomb manufacturer or a trading company?
We are a professional manufacturer with more than 300 workers in Huizhou, China.
4. What is the MOQ for your OEM products?
Minimum order quantity per item is 1000.

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Our Services

Provide OEM/ODM services and supply customized samples for quality testing.
Offer support for package design and formula development.
Provide professional technology and marketing information recommendations.
Offer considerate service to assist you in obtaining the most valuable products.