Mar 07,2023

What Is a Shower Steamer?

The easiest way to explain a shower steamer is to compare it to another popular self-care implement: the bath bomb. Bath bombs are basically bundles of skin-healthy ingredients and aromatherapeutic scents (and often fun, colorful glitter) that can be dropped into your bath. Once submerged, bath bombs dissolve and infuse all of their goodness into the water.
These small tablets dissolve in water to release a fragrant steam, creating a spa-like atmosphere in your bathroom.

How Do You Use shower steamers?

Step One: Get Your Steamer Wet… but Don’t Soak It

Place your shower steamer at the opposite end of the showerhead as you’re waiting for the water to warm so that the steamer gets a little wet.

Step Two: Place Your Steamer Away From the Showerhead

Once you’re ready to step into the shower and your steamer is slightly damp — you should start to smell it within 30 seconds.

Step Three: Enjoy!

That’s it! It’s truly that simple. It may take some trial and error to find the perfect place in your shower to put your shower steamer so that it dissolves and releases essential oils effectively without dissolving it too quickly, but once you find the perfect spot, you’re off to the races.

Can Shower Steamers Be Used in an Enclosed Space?

Raise your hand if you’ve discovered those nifty shower steamers promising to catapult your daily scrub-a-dub into a spa-worthy escape! Pop one on the floor, let the water work its magic, and suddenly - BAM - you’re soaking in a sultry cloud of chill-out scents (at least in theory).

But then doubt creeps in - will these aromatic wunderkinds overpower my tiny tile box? Is all that fragrant fog safe to inhale in an enclosed space? Let’s sniff out the truth about steamers in unventilated showers!

Airflow vs Scent Flow: What Happens In A Sealed Shower?

First, consider the steam factor. Enclosed showers transform into makeshift saunas swiftly, humidity and heat climbing by the second. Add a steamer blasting oils into the mix and suddenly it’s a pressure cooker of potpourri pressurizing tiny tiles.

While some enjoy intense aromas, for sensitive sniffers it could overwhelm fast. Plus, with limited airflow, oxygen runs thin as flavors saturate the air. For some that floral fog feels less like aromatherapy, more like a woozy walk through the perfume section at the mall.

Essential Oil Safety: Potent Scents In Confined Zones

Now for a pep talk on oil safety. Essential oils - hugely healing, but highly concentrated plant power. Like a triple-shot latte, a little goes a long way, especially when space is confined. Suddenly your zen temple morphs into an herbal hazard zone of throbbing nostrils and headaches.

Consider sensitivities too - while many oils heal, for some, certain scents irritate. Inhaling intensely multiplied molecules with no room for dilution? Not everyone’s aromatic cup of tea.

To Blast Or Not To Blast: The Ventilation Variable

Ventilation provides the yin to steamers’ aromatic yang. Extractor fans whisk away excess eucalyptus easing claustrophobia. Cracked windows welcome fresh airflow preventing foggy faintness. With ventilation, steamers complement showers instead of conquering them in a hostage-style aromatic takeover.

But sans airflow? Like sitting in perfume pot unable to escape cloying cloud. Now, while some don’t mind marinating in lavender, for others it’s more dizzying than relaxing. Know your space and ventilation options before unleashing super-charged scents!

Picking Products To Match Your Shower Personality

With enclosed shower insight, let’s get selective with steamers! Seek out made-for-small-spaces formulas crafted to complement contained quarters with moderate aroma emission. No intense, lung-grabbing concentrate guaranteed to cling for hours post-rinse.

Test drive light, limited oil options first to avoid sudden sinus surprises. Sample citrus before sandalwood, mint over musk ‘til you discover delicate but effective accompaniments for your unique shower eco-system. Soon you’ll find the perfect partner to take your tile fortress from utilitarian to aromatherapy oasis!

The Sniff Test Verdict: Try Steamers, But Proceed With Caution

Can steamers steam up tiny stalls? The jury deliberates - yes...carefully! Consider container size and ventilation. Seek subtle scents or slice steam strength by cracking windows. Gauge personal tolerance and oil potency to prevent sickly spa syndrome (not so relaxing).

With cautious adjustments, steamers can transform tiled closets into aromatic escapes...or aromatic attacks if chosen incorrectly! So unwrap the magic, but give new products the sniff test in contained quarters at first. Soon, you’ll strike the ideal formula for bewitching enclosed space bliss!

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