Jan 10,2023

How does an organic CBD bath bomb work?

CBD supports the body's endocannabinoid system, which modulates the fight or flight response, affecting how we respond to stress, how much cortisol (the stress hormone) we produce, and how quickly we recover from activity.  So, what does this calming, homeostasis-promoting, cannabis-derived plant substance have to do with bath time? In a nutshell, CBD subtly enhances all the benefits of a warm bath! 

What are the benefits of CBD bath bombs?

USDA Certified Organic CBD in bath bombs can offer many benefits. The full-spectrum CBD used in our bath bombs can offer healing effects for the skin, along with relaxing effects for the body.  

Taking a bath is already therapeutic.  Baths deliver minerals, promote healing, and are great for muscle recovery after a workout.  If you've had a tough day, an intense workout, or long or strenuous travel, a CBD-infused bath can provide the ultimate restorative reset and promote a calm sense of well-being. While a topical CBD balm, oil, or cream is great for targeting localized inflammation, adding CBD to a bath immerses your entire body and allows for a deeply therapeutic and relaxing experience you deserve!

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