Oct 12,2022

What is a Bath Bomb?

Bath bombs, also known as bath fizzers, are dry ingredients that are designed to effervesce once in contact with warm water. Once it hits the water, it releases essential oils, scents, colors, and bubbles to elevate your bath experience. Bath bombs can help condition the skin and soothe sore muscles. Additionally, they may help detox and relax the body and mind.   The great thing about bath bombs is that they contain the precise amount of oils and bath salts that you would normally have to purchase separately. Not only does using bath fizzers speed up the bath time process, but they make the experience so much better.

Who Invented The Bath Bomb

The bath bomb was invented in 1989 by Lush Cosmetics co-founder Mo Constantine. Working from her shed in Dorset, Constantine was inspired to create her 'Aqua Sizzlers' (which would later become 'Bath Bombs') after becoming intrigued by Alka-Seltzer tablets.[2] While her first attempts looked much like Alka-Seltzer tablets, Mo and her husband Mark Constantine quickly began experimenting with a range of molds and ingredients.

How does a bath bomb work

Bath bombs' primary ingredients are a weak acid and a bicarbonate base. These are unreactive when dry, but react vigorously when dissolved in water to produce their characteristic fizzing over a period of several minutes. This is an acid–base reaction that involves conversion of citric acid and sodium bicarbonate to monosodium citrate and carbon dioxide:

C5H7O5CO2(aq.) + NaHCO3 (aq.) → C5H7O5CO2Na+(aq.) + H2O(l) + CO2 (g)

The other ingredients in bath bombs can vary considerably. However, most have scented ingredients as well as dye to impart a pleasant fragrance and color to bathwater. Lathering agents, such as sodium lauryl sulfate, are also often added to create bubble foams.

Easy diy bath bomb recipe and step

Bath bombs can be quite expensive. You may consider making them at home instead. This article provides a simple recipe for crafting bath bombs, and you can give it a try by following our instructions.


- 400g baking soda
- 200g citric acid
- 200g salt
- 200g cornstarch
- 10g essential oil (coconut oil, jojoba oil, almond oil, or other base oils can be used as substitutes)
- A few drops of your favorite essential oil for relaxation and soothing (if available)


1. Mix baking soda, citric acid, salt, and cornstarch in a bowl.

2. Add 10g of essential oil (or substitute with other base oils) and a small amount of milk and your favorite shower gel. Stir until the mixture has a sandy consistency that can be easily molded.

3. Divide the mixture into two portions. Add a few drops of food coloring to one portion to achieve the desired color.

4. Prepare your chosen colors.

5. Fill the bath bomb molds by alternating layers of dried flowers,bath salts, and the prepared mixtures according to your preference. Pack the mixture tightly into both halves of the mold.

6. If the molds are damaged, you can use paper cake boxes as substitutes.

7. Let the bath bombs air-dry overnight.

8. Once dried, you'll have your homemade bath bombs ready for use.

The tips for making bath bombs

Be sure to use liquid food colouring, not gels. Gels will clump together when you add them to the bicarbonate and it's hard to mix them in.

Once you've added the liquid to the mixture, you need to work quickly to mix everything together and push it into the mould as soon as you can.

To allow your bath bombs to dry, leave them uncovered in a cool, dry place (away from taps and humidity). They will take longer to set in humid weather.

If you've got more than one colour, why not make a rainbow bath bomb? Layer up the different colours and they will blend together beautifully.

How to use a bath bomb:

After the tub is filled with water, take out a product from the gift box. Remove the outer wrap paper and put it into the bathtub. The bath bomb will produce rich bubbles in the bathtub. Then it will float & rotate, dissolve and then become colorful. You can also take bath while the bath bombs is dissolving.

How Often Should You Use Bath Bombs?

As bath bombs don't pose any harm to you, it is safe to use them in every bath if you choose;  it is down to personal preference.
There is no concern with using a bath bomb;  you can purchase as many as you want for the purpose of cleaning yourself.

The tips for using bath bombs:

Once to three times a week, soak and rest for 20 minutes, the water temperature is maintained at 36 ℃, rinse with clean water after soaking (usually 2-3 times a week).
Note: This product is for external use only, and cannot be used on skin with abnormalities such as broken mouth, rash, inflammation, swelling, pain, and sunburn.
Please use it immediately after opening.
Please keep this product in a cool place where the direct sunlight can't shine.
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