Sep 02,2022

What is a Bath Bomb?

If you don’t know what a bath bomb is, it’s essentially a ball made primarily from sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), which is combined with additional ingredients such as essential oils, fragrances, and other additives.
These balls are then dropped into the tub filled with hot water, releasing an amazing aroma of essential oils, as well as helping to give your skin a spa-like treatment when you soak in the tub after wards.

Bath bombs with exfoliation, whitening, skin care and many other benefits.It's also known as a bath salt bomb because it contains carbonic acid, which bubbles in water.

The main materialsare citric acid and sodium bicarbonate, and then add surfactants and anti-coagulants, sodium sulfate, sodium chloride and so on.They dissolve quickly in water.


  • Baking soda
  • Citric acid
  • Epsom salts
  • Fragrance oils
  • Colorants
  • Surfactants

How to use bath bombs:

  1. First fill the bathtub with one-third of warm water, then put the bath bombs into the bathtub, and then continue to fill the bathtub with water, so that the bath salt bomb will melt completely.
  1. then you can take a bath. If the bath bombs is a no-rinse formula, then there is no need to rinse with water after the bath, which can leave valuable essential oil components for the skin.If it contains ingredients that must be rinsed off, rinse it off again with clean water.
  1. the dosage of bath bombs according to their own use, such as to soak feet, only take a small amount of bath bombs.

Where can I purchase bath bombs?

If you just want to buy a small quantity, you can go to supermarkets or bath bomb stores offline. Online, you can choose platforms like Amazon or AliExpress. If you're looking to buy in bulk, Alibaba or wholesalers might be a good option. Boymay, as a bath bomb manufacturer from China, accepts wholesale and OEM orders. Feel free to contact us for cooperation discussions.

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