Feb 17,2023

What is a bath bomb?

If you don’t know what a bath bomb is, it’s essentially a ball made primarily from sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), which is combined with additional ingredients such as essential oils, fragrances, and other additives.
These balls are then dropped into the tub filled with hot water, releasing an amazing aroma of essential oils, as well as helping to give your skin a spa-like treatment when you soak in the tub after wards.

Why do so many people love homemade bath bombs

DIY bath bombs are relatively easy and cheap to make. The ingredients required to make bath bombs are simple and inexpensive, and most of them can be found at a grocery or drugstore. There are countless DIY bath bomb recipes available online, making it easy for anyone to get started with making their own.

DIY bath bombs are customizable. With a few simple adjustments, such as adding different colors, scents, or even glitter, individuals can create unique bath bombs that match their preferences or personality. This personalization aspect has made DIY bath bombs a popular choice for gifts, especially during holidays or special occasions.

natural bath bomb Recipe

Baking soda – the foundation of this recipe.  Combined with citric acid it provokes the fizzing action. 
Citric acid – the rarer ingredient in this recipe that many don’t have (you’ll have to buy some).  The fizzy reaction is like swimming in champagne. 
Cornstarch gives us the silky feeling that we all love in bath bombs.  In this recipe, we typically use organic cornstarch powder.  Arrowroot works as well but does not provide a finished product as silky. 
Oil, salt, and liquid – these are all very flexible and you can choose any mix. 
Oil – pick a basic olive oil, almond oil, or coconut oil. 
Salt – stick to basic salt or add Epsom salt or another favorite salt choice. 
Liquid – simple water works, but herbal witch hazel is also useful for extra skin soothing. 
Add scents and colors with natural additives, colorants, and essential oils.

How to make a bath bomb:

1) Get a large bowl and add in 10 ounces of baking soda and 5 ounces citric acid (You can find it at any craft store). 
2) And then add 2 tablespoons of witch hazel or alcohol for dissolving the citric acid.  If you have dry botanicals, this is the time to add them too.  Mix everything until the ingredients are well combined. 
3) Next, slowly pour water into the bowl (start with 1 cup).  You can also add essential oils for fragrance.  Mix again until it forms a dough-like consistency. 
4) Finally, take your bath bomb dough and pack it into plastic wrap.  Make a ball with the dough, then push it flat.  Add more water if needed. 

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