Oct 25,2022

Can I Make The Bath Bomb Myself? 

Yes, you can make the bath bomb yourself.  All you need is baking soda, citric acid, witch hazel or alcohol (for dissolving the citric acid), Epsom salts, water, and the essential oils of your choice.  You can also add dried botanicals or salts for extra texture and color.

Bath bomb recipe

100g bicarbonate of soda.
50g citric acid.
25g cornflour.
25g Epsom salt (optional)
2 tbsp oil – such as sunflower, coconut or olive oil.
¼ tsp essential oil, such as orange, lavender or chamomile.
a few drops of liquid food colouring.
orange peel, lavender or rose petals, to decorate (optional)

How to make a bath bomb step by step: 

1) Get a large bowl and add in 10 ounces of baking soda and 5 ounces citric acid (You can find it at any craft store). 
2) And then add 2 tablespoons of witch hazel or alcohol for dissolving the citric acid.  If you have dry botanicals, this is the time to add them too.  Mix everything until the ingredients are well combined. 
3) Next, slowly pour water into the bowl (start with 1 cup).  You can also add essential oils for fragrance.  Mix again until it forms a dough-like consistency. 
4) Finally, take your bath bomb dough and pack it into plastic wrap.  Make a ball with the dough, then push it flat.  Add more water if needed. 

Top tips for making bath bombs

Be sure to use liquid food colouring, not gels. Gels will clump together when you add them to the bicarbonate and it's hard to mix them in.
Once you've added the liquid to the mixture, you need to work quickly to mix everything together and push it into the mould as soon as you can.
To allow your bath bombs to dry, leave them uncovered in a cool, dry place (away from taps and humidity). They will take longer to set in humid weather.
If you've got more than one colour, why not make a rainbow bath bomb? Layer up the different colours and they will blend together beautifully.

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