Oct 01,2022

Most of the time, bath bombs are a combination of sodium bicarbonate and citric acid, which release carbon dioxide in water to create the fizzing effect. Bath bombs usually also contain salts, colourants, oils, and aesthetic ingredients like glitter or petals. You just grab your favorite bath bomb and toss it into your bath tub filled with warm water and settle for the most relaxing bath ever.

How Does it Work?

The “bomb” aspect of a bath bomb is the fizziness. But what’s going on in those spheres that make them so fizzy? Two of the key ingredients to a bath bomb are citric acid and sodium bicarbonate. You might also know sodium bicarbonate by its more common name, baking soda. These two ingredients are what cause the impressive and delightful fizz when the bath bomb enters the water.
When sodium bicarbonate (NaHCO3) comes in contact with water, the sodium (Na) molecules break off from the bicarbonate (HCO3). At the same time, the citric acid is dissolving, with a single hydrogen ion (H+) separating from the rest of the molecule. When the released hydrogen ion from the citric acid encounters the bicarbonate from the baking soda another reaction happens! This time, carbon dioxide (CO2) gas is released as one of the end products. The carbon dioxide forms bubbles in the soap and bath water, and rushes to the surface with a delightful fizz.

what are the benefits of using bath bombs?

1. Improve Your Skin

One of the best benefits of bath bombs is how they improve your skin. When you drop these soluble balls into a bath, they fill it with emollients and other moisturizing substances that make your skin softer.

2. They Take Cleaning to Another Level

Bath bombs don’t only moisturize your skin. They offer a next-level clean that will leave you feeling fresh. Bath bombs contain bicarbonate of soda and citric acid, which is responsible for making the water fizz.

Bicarbonate of soda has a big history of use as a beauty product. When these two combine, they do fantastic things for your skin’s quality and can help remove any blemishes.

3. They Help Aching Muscles Recover

Many bath bombs contain Epsom salts. These magnesium salts have been used for years to treat aching muscles and it’s believed that they are absorbed through your skin and helps loosen muscles and joints.

4. They Help You Relax

There aren’t many things more relaxing in life than a good, long bath. A bath bomb boosts your relaxation and makes it even better. For instance, some bath bombs contain essential oils like lavender that can help you relax.

Other bath bombs contain active ingredients that can soak into your skin and help you relax. For instance, you can now buy CBD bath bombs that contain the cannabinoid and help you, quite literally, soak up the relaxation.

5. Bath Bombs Contain Vitamins and Amino Acids

The best bath bombs don’t only moisturize and repair your skin, they give your skin what it needs to repair itself and stay healthy.

6. Bath Bombs Are Good For the Planet

While we can’t speak to all bath bombs available around the world, the overwhelming majority are made of natural ingredients and are free from animal products. This means that no death was involved in bringing your luxuriant bath.

7. Bath Bombs Can Improve Your Mood

In addition to the aforementioned CBD bath bombs, these little fizzy balls can improve your mood through other, non-psychoactive means. One of the most common complaints about modern life is its pace. We’re all living life at a breakneck speed and this isn’t always good for us.

8. They Detox Your Skin

Cleaning with shower gel or soap is one thing. Yet detoxing is quite another. Bath bombs can help you get rid of toxins that are present in your skin and make you feel better for long afterward.

How to choose a bath bomb

If you’re looking for a bath bomb with skincare benefits, avoid products with lots of artificial ingredients or additions like glitter, plastic, or gems. These products are unlikely to benefit your skin and might not be suitable for sensitive skin. Instead, look out for products with fewer ingredients and more of a focus on skincare than aesthetics. Oils and salts can be beautiful additions to your bathwater, helping to nourish and moisturize the skin as well as providing a lovely scent and texture.

How to use a Bath Bomb

There are certain steps one must take to have an extraordinary bath experience.  Before I begin, I must stress that your bathtub MUST be clean!  Please do not sit in a dirty tub.  Also, you’ll want to set the scene.  Light some candles and turn your bath time into a planned out solo date night with yourself!
Step One: Plug the tub and turn on the water to your desired temperature.
Step Two: Let the bathtub fill up halfway.
Step Three: Once the tub is filled halfway, hold your bath bomb under the faucet to dissolve the bomb and properly bubble.
Step Four: Turn off the faucet, and sink into the tub.  Be sure to avoid your eyes, and do not drink your bathwater.
Step Five: Once you have relaxed and are ready to exit, unplug the tub, and allow the water to drain.
Step Six: Rinse off the bomb and pat yourself dry.
Step Seven: Rinse the tub and scrub clean to avoid any dyes ruining the bathtub.

Alternative Uses

There are alternative ways to use your bath fizzers other than in a bath. Here are some different ways you can incorporate the bath bombs you do not use:
You can use it in the shower as a scrub to exfoliate your skin.
You can dice up the bomb to get a couple of mini baths for your manicures and pedicures.
Crush and lightly sprinkle an uncolored bath bomb on your carpet before vacuuming to spread with the scent.
To keep your shoes smelling nice, split a bath bomb in half and place each half inside one shoe.
Dissolve a quarter of the bath bomb with water inside a spray bottle to create an air freshener and fabric refresher.
You can create vapor bombs by taking a large pot of water, let it simmer on the stove, then drop the bomb inside. Once dissolved, lower the heat to the point where it is no longer boiling and enjoy the lovely aroma as it fills your entire house!

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