May 04,2024

In the bubble bath product market, cooperation with a lovely brand in the United States has become a wonderful case for our factory. The brand is known for its pink range and cute products, and it wanted to expand its product line into the bubble bath bombs market. The client expressed interest in a custom Bubble Bath Bomb from the beginning and came up with the idea of placing toys inside the ball. After repeated discussions and communication, we finally determined three series of bubble bath balls: kittens, puppies, and piglets. Each series contains 6-7 styles and is made into blind boxes for consumers. Bring surprise and fun.

For this cooperation project, we participated in the entire process from initial product design to packaging production, and provided professional advice. While it took the customer's own designer more than a month to complete the box design, we provided free packaging design and could complete it in just one week, saving the customer valuable time.

Once the box design is completed, we immediately start sample production, including making box samples and blister molds. There are three colors and scents of bubble bath balls, and each color and scent is carefully blended to ensure that the quality and taste of the bath balls meet customer requirements. After sample testing, the bubble bath ball performed very successfully. The rich foam and light fruity and floral fragrance were deeply loved by customers.


Now, we are confirming the order details and preparing to produce 3000 sets of bubble bath balls. Once the customer comes back to us to confirm the order, we will immediately put it into production and ensure on-time delivery to meet the customer's needs.

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