Feb 23,2023

How Bath Bombs Work
The bath bomb fizz is a chemical reaction between the baking soda and citric acid. This chemical reaction requires water to catalyze it; this is why bath bombs do not bubble and fizz as soon as you mix the ingredients together. It’s also why storing bath bombs in a dry place is vital. 

Do Bath Bombs Expire?

Bath bombs have a shelf life of about one year. A bath bomb will last only as long as its composite ingredient with the least shelf life. It is true that a bath bomb has a scent as sweet as an air freshener, but if it does expire, it will start to its scents as well as its good looks and effect.

If your bath bomb starts to smell bad, break up or grow mold, it is a sign that it has expired, and you should learn to throw them out at this point.

Do Unused Bath Bombs Expire?

Unused bath bombs do expire after six months. That said, a standard bath bomb should not be harmful to use after its expiration date because the primary bath bomb ingredients do not go bad like food ingredients can. 
However, this can change depending on what secondary ingredients are added to the bath bomb. And since most store-bought bath bombs do contain essential oils, which do go rancid and can become harmful, it’s a good rule of thumb to discard a bath bomb if you suspect you’ve had it for a year or longer.

How to Prolong the Shelf Life of Bath Bombs

If you want to keep your bath bombs fresh for longer, here are some tips to help you prolong their shelf life.

1, Store them in a cool, dry place
Heat and humidity can cause bath bombs to lose their shape, fizziness, and fragrance. 
2, Use airtight containers
An airtight container will help protect your bath bombs from moisture, air, and other elements that can cause them to deteriorate quickly. 
3, Avoid exposure to water
Water is the enemy of bath bombs. Even a small amount of water can cause them to fizz prematurely or dissolve completely. 
4, Don't store them for too long
Bath bombs are meant to be used, not stored indefinitely. 
5,Wrap them in plastic wrap
If you want to protect your bath bombs from moisture and other elements, wrap them in plastic wrap before storing them. 
Avoid extreme temperatures
Extreme temperatures, whether hot or cold, can cause bath bombs to lose their fragrance and fizziness. 

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