Jan 04,2023

There is no specific requirement for the number of bath bombs to use during each bath, but we do not recommend excessive use. Since bath bombs can be relatively expensive, you can even divide a whole bath bomb into several portions for use. This article will share with you a method on how to cut a single bath bomb into smaller pieces.


  • Ziploc bag
  • Plastic storage container
  • Flat-head screwdriver
  • Hammer
  • Cutting board

Notes Before We Get Started:

1. Before picking up some bath fizzies for sale, keep in mind some retail or wholesale bath bombs are not meant to be split in half because they will just crumble. The circular ones with the crease in the middle are the best ones to use this splitting technique on. If you’re unsure if the bath bomb you have can be split, go ahead and try. If it crumbles, worry not! You can still use the pieces as a body scrub.
2. Keep your fingers safe at all times. We don’t want any accidents to happen in the process.
3. In case you were wondering, just half of a bath bomb is all you need for a regular bath.
4. Don’t store fizzy bombs for too long since older bath bombs will fizz more slowly than fresher ones.

5. Absolutely don’t put split bath bombs on display. When put on display, even when sealed in Ziploc bags, they may start oxidizing. Oxidation is the process where the citric acid and sodium bicarbonate bind. This will make the fizzy bombs lose their fizzy ability when dropped in water. 

How to Split Bath Bombs in Two:

Step 1: Place the bath bomb at the bottom corner of the Ziploc bag. Then place your bath bomb on its side on the cutting board.
Step 2: Find a seam or crease in the middle of the bath bomb where you can snugly fit the tip of a flat-head screwdriver. 
Step 3: Place the screwdriver tip into the seam and position the bath bomb so it won’t move around. It will also be better if you can find someone to help you out with holding your bath bomb to keep it from moving. 
Step 4: Get the hammer and hit the head of the screwdriver. Keep hammering until the bath bomb splits in half. 
Step 5: Place each half of the bath bombs in separate Ziploc bags and seal the bags tightly. Place the Ziploc bags in a plastic storage container.
Step 6: Keep splitting all of your fizzy bombs and place them all in the plastic container. When you’re done, stash the container away in a secure place like a bathroom cupboard or drawer. Just grab one of the Ziploc bags whenever you want to use your bath bomb. Of course, you can keep the Ziploc bag to reuse when you’re going to split bath bombs again.

What to do with the other half?

Upon breaking the bath bomb into two, you can use the first half for your bath and store the other one. It is recommended to use a Ziploc or plastic bag, which enables you to entirely get rid of any present air. This will see to it that the remaining block stays for much longer without expiring (yes, bath bombs do expire). Lastly, it is required that you tie a knot above the half bath bomb in the Ziploc bag and store it away in an air-tight container. If you have more halves to store, it is best to have several Ziploc bags for each one of them. Do not attempt to store two halves in one bag.

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