Mar 02,2023

What Is a Shower Steamer?

The easiest way to explain a shower steamer is to compare it to another popular self-care implement: the bath bomb. Bath bombs are basically bundles of skin-healthy ingredients and aromatherapeutic scents (and often fun, colorful glitter) that can be dropped into your bath. Once submerged, bath bombs dissolve and infuse all of their goodness into the water.
Similarly, a shower steamer is made with ingredients that are meant to be good for your skin and body, as well as aromatherapeutic elements. These turn your everyday shower into a seriously luxurious experience that makes even the smallest bathroom into a five-star spa.

How Do You Use shower steamers?

Step One: Get Your Steamer Wet… but Don’t Soak It
Place your shower steamer at the opposite end of the showerhead as you’re waiting for the water to warm so that the steamer gets a little wet. This will activate the steamer and begin the process of releasing those delicious essential oils into the steamy air of your shower.
Step Two: Place Your Steamer Away From the Showerhead
Once you’re ready to step into the shower and your steamer is slightly damp — you should start to smell it within 30 seconds. At that point, you’ll want to move it away from the showerhead.
Step Three: Enjoy!
That’s it! It’s truly that simple. It may take some trial and error to find the perfect place in your shower to put your shower steamer so that it dissolves and releases essential oils effectively without dissolving it too quickly, but once you find the perfect spot, you’re off to the races.

Where to place a shower steamer?

Let's unravel the mysteries of ideal shower steamer placement so you can transform routine showers into spa-worthy escapes.

Finding the Flow for Fizzing Fun

When prepping your steamer, it’s all about location - not directly in the path of water, but close enough for a gentle splash. Tuck it in a corner away from the main stream and let intermittent droplets awaken the aromatherapy magic within. Too much direct contact causes quick fizzle-out - we want long, luxurious unwinding!

Why Steamers and Direct Water Don’t Mix

Placing a steamer right under the faucet seems logically effective. More water, more steam - right? Unfortunately, no. Much like dumping an entire bottle of bubbles at once, it’s a brief burst then a swift, soapy demise. For extended enjoyment, savor your steamer with care, allowing waves of scent to gently fill the space.

Elevate Your Steam in Unexpected Places

Got a corner shelf? Use this hidden hack to your advantage! Away from the shower floor fray, an elevated perch allows just enough splash to activate essential oils without overwhelming your steamer. And, being lifted nearer to your nose lets those sensational scents shine asIntended. Unexpected placement for unexpectedly blissful results!

Keeping Steamers Happy Between Showers

For repeat steamy magic, keep your steamer dry when not in use. Whether placed on a drained soap dish or tucked on higher ground, dry docking ensures longevity, much like saving leftover pizza for breakfast. Let it reboot so when next you shower, vigorous fizz returns!

Making the Most of Your Shower Real Estate

Alas, not all showers are created equal when it comes to landscape. From phone booth-sized to ballroom-like expanse, layout impacts placement possibilities. Butfear not! Whether you’ve got a cramped corner or sprawling stretch, steamer success is within reach. Creative nook locating brings aromatherapy perks no matter your square footage.
Soon you’ll intuit the ideal infusion points to transform even the most modest water closet into a custom spa. Follow your nose, have fun, and soon you’ll unlock the secrets to shower steamer nirvana no matter your bathroom blueprint!

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