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A bath bomb or bath fizzie is a consumer product used during bathing. It was invented and patented in 1989 by Mo Constantine, co-founder of Lush Cosmetics. It is a compacted mixture of wet and dry ingredients molded into any of several shapes and then dried. Bath water effervesces at the surface of a bath bomb immersed within it, with attendant dispersion of such ingredients as essential oil, moisturizer, scent, or colorant.

What Is A Bath Bomb Made Of?

Unlike some brands, our recipes use high-quality, natural ingredients for a spectacular, sustainable soak. We want to explain what each ingredient does, so you can better understand our products.

Baking Soda + Citric Acid - These two ingredients create the fizz. Baking soda also gently exfoliates skin. Citric acid lowers the pH. Their reaction when mixed with water causes the bubbly fizz.

Epsom Salts - Contain magnesium, which reduces inflammation and toxins. Soothes sore muscles.

Kaolin Clay - Gives bombs shape so they don't crumble. Also cleanses and brightens skin by removing impurities.

Coconut Oil - Safely distributes essential oils. Hydrates and nourishes skin.

Essential Oils - Add aromatherapy. Derived from plants. Each has unique benefits.

Fragrance Oils - Also add aromatherapy but are manufactured, not plant-derived. Useful for complex scents.

Mica Powder - Natural shimmery mineral that colors the water. Provides a pastel effect.

Lakes - Vibrant artificial colorants. Require FDA certification. Color the water boldly.

Dyes - Activate when bloomed in water first. A little goes a long way.

Polysorbate 80 - Prevents bathtub rings and stains. Helps distribute ingredients evenly.

Water + Alcohol - Light mists keep recipe moist and workable. Evaporate as bombs dry.

How Does it Work?

The “bomb” aspect of a bath bomb is the fizziness. But what’s going on in those spheres that make them so fizzy? Two of the key ingredients to a bath bomb are citric acid and sodium bicarbonate. You might also know sodium bicarbonate by its more common name, baking soda. These two ingredients are what cause the impressive and delightful fizz when the bath bomb enters the water.
When sodium bicarbonate (NaHCO3) comes in contact with water, the sodium (Na) molecules break off from the bicarbonate (HCO3). At the same time, the citric acid is dissolving, with a single hydrogen ion (H+) separating from the rest of the molecule. When the released hydrogen ion from the citric acid encounters the bicarbonate from the baking soda another reaction happens! This time, carbon dioxide (CO2) gas is released as one of the end products. The carbon dioxide forms bubbles in the soap and bath water, and rushes to the surface with a delightful fizz.

What are the health benefits of bath bombs?

Bath bombs offer many benefits for your health and wellbeing.

Hydration - bath salts in bath bombs help skin absorb moisture, leaving it soft, smooth and glowing. The salts balance out water content in skin cells.
Detoxification - Salts also help flush toxins out of skin by diluting them and enabling sweat to excrete them. This cleanses skin deeply.
Pain Relief - Hot water and bath salts provide natural relief for sore, tired muscles and joints. The warmth soothes aches.
Stress Reduction - Ingredients like essential oils boost dopamine and serotonin, bringing feelings of euphoria and calm. Scents induce relaxation.
Insomnia Aid - A warm, scented soak before bed is proven to reduce stress and promote sleep. Lavender is especially effective.
Circulation - Skin absorbs salts and nutrients that strengthen blood vessels, improving breathing and flexibility.
Ambiance - Fizzy bombs transform bath time into a spa-like escape. Bubbles, oils and scents create a joyful, pampering atmosphere.

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