Feb 18,2023

Uncovering the Best Spots to Score Bath Bombs in Bulk

On the hunt to stock shelves with those tub-transformative fizzy wonders? We're diving into prime spots to grab battalions of bath bombs for less.

Scouring Online Marketplaces

First up: ecommerce sites, virtual malls packed with sellers ready to unload bulk bath bomb supplies. Giants like Amazon and eBay offer insane variety and convenience - browse sellers in PJs! Check reviews to gauge quality and value before buying. Look beyond just star ratings and read what fellow bath bomb fans say.

Tapping Wholesale Suppliers

Now let's discuss wholesale. This is where major bulk buyers play. Wholesale suppliers provide retailers, but you can access their supplies too! It unlocks the bath bomb kingdom with budget-friendly pricing.

But prepare to think big. Wholesale means larger orders - you're committing to a mountain of fizzy balls. Perfect if reselling or wanting a lifelong personal supply.

Discovering Artisanal Options

For uniqueness, explore artisanal creators on sites like Etsy. Lovingly hand-crafted by folks like "Jasmine" or "Rose," these bombs come with backstories. Expect natural ingredients and personal touches missing from mass versions. Plus, you help small biz thrive - and nothing beats that heartwarming vibe.

Subscription Services: Bulk on Autopilot

New subscription services deliver bath bomb bounty monthly, no effort required. Sign up and it's magic - regular bombs appear at your door! The set-and-forget route for those who never want an empty jar. Expect surprise and delight each shipment!

Direct from Manufacturers

Finally, buy directly from source. Cutting the middleman can mean fresher bombs and better prices. Sometimes even customize orders, hand-picking scents and ingredients perfectly aligned with your soul. It's like having a personal bath bomb boutique!

About Bath Bomb Manufacturer in China

Established in 1995, Boymay, as a large-scale manufacturer of bath products, possesses over 10 years of experience in the research and production of bath bombs and shower steamers.
Our large 40,000 square meter facility houses 14 automated production lines and over 200 employees. With a daily output of 20,000 units, we uphold stringent quality standards evidenced by our GMP 211, GMPC, ISO22716, FDA and SMETA certifications.
We specialize in OEM services and have built a substantial and experienced pre-sales and after-sales service team over the years, enabling clients from various countries to trust and collaborate with us confidently.  Our past clients include Disney, Sephora, Claire’s, Kohls, Mad, and Boots, among others.

We use only internationally certified, high-quality raw materials to ensure our products meet global standards. Our bath bombs are sold worldwide to major brands, traders, agents and wholesalers. Our focus on quality and customer satisfaction has earned us a loyal customer base and favorable reviews across numerous markets.

Boymay's stock products include a range of bestselling bath bomb styles, such as Surprise Bath Bombs, Rainbow Cloud Bath Bombs, and large and mini single-color or mixed-color bath bombs. Whether you're looking for fun, whimsical bath bombs to sell in your retail store, or you're stocking up on bath bombs for your own personal use, Boymay has you covered.

Our Services

1. We can give professional suggestions for the design of both the product and the package.
2. We can make customized free samples, if the sample can not be acceptable for the first time, we will improve it and make it again for free.
3. If the goods were damaged when you received the goods, we will make them again for free.
4. Your requirements and complaints are highly respected.
5. Necessary tests and certifications can be obtained as you request
6. We can provide the service for packing if you have your own package supplier.

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Our Services

Provide OEM/ODM services and supply customized samples for quality testing.
Offer support for package design and formula development.
Provide professional technology and marketing information recommendations.
Offer considerate service to assist you in obtaining the most valuable products.