Feb 22,2023

I received Judy’s inquiry on July 6th, and she need to ship customize Halloween Pumpkin Bath Bomb within 1 month, including sampling and everything ready to ship. If this is for a re-order, it is no problem, but for new customize Halloween Pumpkin Bath Bomb, it was hard to meet. But we finally meet it.

Judy’s firstsentence with me was” How fast can you produce 5000sets new customize bath bomb gift set?”. And this was a very normal questions for an inquiry, and I replied Judy“ 25-30days after Pre-production sample is confirmed”. Judy said:” I need to ship out within 30days from now one, and below is the gift set I need to copy.”

After reviewing this picture, I found we have two problems:

1. We don’t use these toys before

2. We don’t have the same mold as picture, but have similar mold.

And I sent to customs our similar mold, but Judy said she didn’t like our mold, she need me to copy exact same shape as picture. At this moment, I know, the timing for this order was very very short, and very hard to meet.

Our Difficulty:

1. Need to open mold, and normally need 7days

2. Need to test the toys, toys size is a little big. Need to buy toys and test, around 3-4days

3. Normally need 25days for production.

The main problem of this inquiry was the time, we need at least 40days for developing a new gift set like this one, and only 30days is hard to finish production.  I tired to talk with Judy and see if any possible to postpone the ship date. And Judy said she need to make sure the goods can arrive by mid of Sept, as this gift set is a seasonal items. If I can not ship on Aug.6th, they should not arrive mid of Sept, as shipping time is around 40days.

With this information, I tried to ask Judy to send me the shipping cost to see how many days it will takes. And from our Forwarder, they said to FBA LGB8, normally need 30-40days by normal vessel, but if we can go by Maston, then they are able to arrive FBA within 30days, need only 25days. That means we will have 10days more at least for this order. And timing should not be a problem, but shipping cost is much more expensive.

I passed this information to Judy, and they said the cost was too expensive and they can not afford it. And then, I tried to recommend to ship part of them by fast Maston, and other by normal shipment, this is the best way which can save time for the 1st round shipment and also save money for the shipping cost.

Finally, Judy took my advise, and now, this order is to be finished this week, and will ship out next week.

Welcome to send inquiry and we can help you to solve problem.

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