Sep 24,2022

Boymay as a bath bomb manufacturer and supplier with more than 27 years in the personal care and beauty field, mainly produces a variety of bath bombs. Such as dried flower bath bombs, bath bombs with toys inside, crystal bath bombs, rainbow bath bombs, fruit bath bombs, streamer tablets, etc. For bath bombs, we accept OEM ODM requests.

Our service:

We have imported advanced production equipment for research and production.Each item From Boymay before shipment needs to get through strict and rigorous inspection and rechecking. Boymay also has several shops via Amazon, which passes GMPS and ISO certificates.
Besides a large production base,  advanced R&D technology and equipment, Boymay has also a reliable and talented design team who are able to select products and accessories to create stylish products.

Our Mission:
In improving quality continuously, we trust.
In providing best service continuously, we trust.
In being your partner to win to win,
we trust.

Our Bath Bombs Are Organic

Bath bombs are vegan friendly, unlike other bath products containing chemical makeup, which are harsh irritants that could result in skin reactions. It contains softeners that help moisturize your skin, and they are a great addition to your bath regime.

organic bath bombs are formulated using weak baking soda and different essential oils perfect for all skin types. Putting it in your bathwater causes it to fizz, and the fizzing effect leaves your tired skin a soothing and cleansing feel.

Our bath bomb products are available in the following series, both wholesale and customized, and we pride ourselves on being a one-stop service for our customers.

Bath Bomb Gift Set Wholesale
Kids Bath Bomb Wholesale
Special Bath Bomb Wholesale
Natural Bath Bomb Wholesale

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Pre-Sale: we customize exclusive product solutions for individual OEM/ODM customers.
In-Sale: Sample proofing service/video during production Free designs; photo video filming & editing: promoting help
After-Sale: Drop-shipping/ Overseas warehouse storage Help sales if there is too much inventory
Delivery: UPS, DHL, FedEx, TNT, EMS, etc.DAP, DDP, DDU, EXW, FOB By Air, by Sea, by train, by truck, etc.