Sep 25,2022

In 1989, Mo Constantine, co-founder of the cosmetics company Lush, invented the bath bomb. Today, an increasing number of consumers have experienced the magic of bath bombs and fallen in love with this product. It adds joy to the bathing journey and provides numerous benefits to the skin. If you haven't experienced this magical product yet and are unsure of how to purchase it, this article may be very helpful for you.

Where can individual consumers buy bath bombs?

If you live in a bustling metropolis, I believe there are likely stores around you that sell bath bombs. You just need to open your phone, search for the nearest store, and go there to make a purchase. If the store is far from your residence and you don't want to go out to buy it, you can choose to buy online and wait for the delivery at home in a few days. Faced with a variety of bath bombs, there is also an art to choosing the right one for yourself, which you can learn by reading our article(How to select a bath bomb).

If you are interested in bulk wholesale

If you are looking to make a bulk purchase, you can go through wholesalers. If you want to buy at a lower cost, I recommend going directly to the manufacturer. Boymay Cosmetics Co., Ltd. is such a bath bomb manufacturer that provides bulk wholesale and OEM services. We have extensive experience in bath bomb manufacturing and trading, established in 1995. With over 10 years dedicated to bath bomb research and production, our products have been exported to more than 80 countries worldwide, earning high praise from customers.

Our large 40,000 square meter facility houses 14 automated production lines and over 200 employees. With a daily output of 20,000 units, we uphold stringent quality standards evidenced by our GMP 211, GMPC, ISO22716, FDA and SMETA certifications.

We specialize in OEM services and have built a substantial and experienced pre-sales and after-sales service team over the years, enabling clients from various countries to trust and collaborate with us confidently.  Our past clients include Disney, Sephora, Claire’s, Kohls, Mad, and Boots, among others.

Our advantages

1. Low MOQ, suitable for trial order, meets the requirement at the beginning of a business.
2. Door-to-door service, no need to worry about the shipment.
3. We have our own brand and store in China, we can get the feedback from the customer fast.
4. We have neutral packing without our logo, you can use the gift box directly with low MOQ.
5. All bath bombs contain high-purity essential oil, which is more effective for skin care.

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