Wholesale Bath Bombs With Rings | Luxury Private Label Supplier
ring bombs
Wholesale Bath Bombs With Rings | Luxury Private Label Supplier
ring bombs

Bath Bombs With Rings

  • MOQ: 200pcs
  • Color: Pink & Red, any color are available
  • Fragrance: shea butter, chamomile, peppermint,ect
  • Function: Nourishing , Moisturizing , Refreshing , Relaxing
  • Sample: 2~3pcs is free with freight collect
  • Payment methods: L/C, D/P,T/T, PayPal, Western Union
  • Package: Customized Package

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As the bath bomb dissolves in the water, it reveals a plastic capsule containing a beautiful ring. This product is an exceptional choice for holiday gifts, perfect for gifting to loved ones and friends.

Our OEM/ODM factory specializes in expertly embedding plastic-coated metal rings and other jewelry items within moisturizing bath bombs.

Product Features:

  • Round shapes; sizes from 30g to 200g
  • Choices of skin-nourishing fizzy bath bomb recipes
  • Catalog of 100+ nature-identical fragrances
  • Vibrant colors and shimmering finishes

Ring & Jewelry Customizations:

  • Plastic-coated nickel-free metal rings
  • Necklaces, bracelets or pearl strands
  • Location and orientation preferences
  • Gemstone and jewlery theming

Further Customizations:

  • Custom branding elements and packaging
  • Custom formulations and ingredient choices
  • Minimum order quantity just 100 units

Bath Bombs With Rings Customization Details:

Specification Details
Product Name Bath Bombs With Rings
Materials SLS-free ingredients like baking soda, citric acid, shea butter, essential oils
Shapes Round, heart, flower, star, custom shapes
Sizes Standard 2.5" diameter, can customize larger or smaller
Scents Customize signature scents or aromatic blends
Colors Custom color palettes and designs
Rings Stainless steel rings sealed inside, customizable styles
Packaging Custom printed plastic box with foam insert
Labels Custom full color label with your brand
Certifications ISO, GMP, MSDS certified
Order Quantity 1000 - 100,000+ pieces
Lead Time 15-20 days production, 5-7 days shipping
Payment Terms 30% deposit, 70% balance before shipping

Please let me know if you need any other details on customizing bath bombs with rings! As the technical engineer, I can advise on materials, molds, rings, etc.

Customized service

Our Advantages

1. Low MOQ, suitable for trial order, meets the requirement at the beginning of a business.
2. Door-to-door service, no need to worry about the shipment.
3. We have our own brand and store in China, so we can get feedback from the customer fast.
4. We have neutral packing without our logo, you can use the gift box directly with low MOQ.

5. All bath bombs contain high-purity essential oil, which is more effective for skin care.

Quick Order Guide:

  1. Select Products: Find your desired bath items.
  2. Request a Sample: Evaluate quality firsthand. Fee deductible from order.
  3. Confirm Order: Customize and finalize your bulk or OEM purchase.
  4. Quality Production: We guarantee top-notch production standards.
  5. Efficient Shipping: Choose your shipping, with tracking available.

Assistance Available:Reach out for any support or queries.

Seamless Private Labeling Process

Choose Products

Step 1 - Choose Products

Start with Premium Selections: Begin by handpicking from our exquisite range of bath products.


Step 2 - Customization

Tailor Every Detail: Make it uniquely yours. Choose fragrances, select colors, and design packaging.


Step 3 - Branding

Stamp Your Identity: Imprint your brand with every product. Add your logo, labels, and unique design elements.

Order Quantity

Step 4 - Order Quantity

Volume That Suits You: Choose the order quantity that aligns with your business goals.

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