Petal Bath Bombs Wholesale China
bath bombs
Petal Bath Bombs Wholesale China
bath bombs

Petal Bath Bombs Wholesale China

  • MOQ : 1000pcs
  • Weight: 100g
  • Fragrance : shea butter, coconut, ect
  • Function: Relaxing/Moisturizing/ Gift for loved
  • Color: Customized Color
  • Certification: Disney FAMA, FDA, ISO 22716, GMPC
  • Package: Custom Packaging

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Lovely and interesting look: our Petal bath bombs combine different smells and have different shapes. Our bath bomb has a lasting perfume effect, giving you a special multi-layer explosion color and smell.
Organic materials and safety: Bath Bombs are handmade using natural organic citric acid, essential oils, natural salts, minerals, and baking soda. All ingredients meet or exceed all safety standards. No fragrance, no pigment, no harm to the skin.

Meet all kinds of bathing needs, moisten your skin. Wrap your body in a layer of natural essential oil, sea salt. Moisturize and deeply nourish your skin.


Petal bath bombs





MOQ  1000pcs
Fragrance Rose,Lavender,Lemon,Orange, Barry, Bergamot, Mint, Jasmine, Ocean or customize
Certificate Disney FAMA, FDA, ISO 22716, GMPC

Personal care, Spa, Hotel, Gift etc,Face cleaning, foot beauty, sauna, shower, massage, bath

Beautiful Petal Bath Bombs, in Christmas, anniversary, for lovers and friends to prepare a beautiful bath bomb gift set. Bath Bombs can be packaged individually to maintain freshness and quality and provide the best possible experience.

Handmade unique bath bomb, with fragrance bath bomb, bring you relaxed atmosphere.

Once you put the bath bomb into your bathtub, it will bubble quickly, release pleasant smell and skin beneficial ingredients, giving you a soothing body and Spa level experience with a natural and colorful bathtub. Increase the experience of bathing. The color of the bath bomb won't stain your skin or your bathtub.

Bath Bomb efficacy: clean, deodorize and repair your skin, let you have healthier, younger skin. Natural, non-toxic ingredients. Our bath bombs can also help relieve tension or eliminate pain in your body.

Our Advantages of petal bath bombs

1. Natural raw materials such as rare and fresh organic fruits, vegetables, flowers and first-class aroma oils are collected from all over the world;

2. Fully manual manufacturing, precise monitoring of hygiene procedures;

3. Avoid using artificial chemicals and preservatives;

4. Simple and environmentally friendly packaging;

5. No animal testing;

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