Sep 30,2022

Will bath bombs stain the bathtub?

Generally, bath bombs are products designed to enhance the bathing experience and are typically made up of ingredients that dissolve in water. These ingredients can include fragrance, colorants, and moisturizers. Most bath bombs release color when they dissolve in water, adding a fun touch to the water and bathtub.

Therefore, using a bath bomb may potentially stain the bathtub, especially if you choose a product with vibrant colors. The degree of staining depends on the formulation of the bath bomb and the duration of soaking. In most cases, the color will gradually fade away after use, but some intense colors may require more thorough cleaning to completely remove.

How to clean a bathtub after using a bath bomb

If you love bath bombs but hate cleaning up afterward, I've got the post for you! I've been testing this one for a little while and I've finally found the perfect after-the-bath-bomb clean-up spray and it only contains 2 simple ingredients and there's NO SCRUBBING OR WIPING!!! Easy is my jam so I'm really excited about this one.  Keep reading to find out how to make it for yourself!

The 2 ingredients in this are Dawn Platinum and water. That's it! This is not a sponsored post for Dawn either, btw. ;)

I wanted something to cut through the coconut oil left from my bath bomb recipe and dish detergent was a no-brainer. I tried a few different brands and concentrations, even regular Dawn and THIS is the perfect combo to dissolve those oils.

Just spray it in the tub, wait about 15 minutes, and rinse. That's it!

You'll need a spray bottle with measurements on the side. I even made a cute label to go with it. You can get that pdf here. Print it at 100% and use clear packing tape to adhere it to the bottle when you're done.

After the Bath Bomb - Bathtub Clean-Up Spray!

Ingredients and supplies:

1 part liquid Dawn Platinum dishwashing detergent

2 parts warm waterspray bottlelabel and tape (optional)
1. Fill your spray bottle to the 2:1 line with Dawn Platinum, then to the top of the bottle with warm water. If you don't have ratio marks, you can use 1 cup of Dawn to 2 cups of water.
2. Gently swirl them together to mix.
3. If using the label, print it, cut it out, and attach it to a length of clear packing tape long enough to go around the bottle.
4. Attach tightly to the spray bottle. You can add a length of tape above and below that one to make sure it's water-tight.

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