Sep 30,2022

Bath bombs with only natural ingredients are generally safe for kids. If your child has more sensitive skin than others, you can find a bath bomb that is hypoallergenic. A child without prior skin conditions has no problems with bath bombs.

Kids Bath Bombs ingredients

Children often have more sensitive skin than adults. This is why a general rule is to avoid bath bombs that contain dyes and flavorings as they could cause skin irritation or other reactions.

You can only declare a bath bomb safe for your child if it is made only from natural ingredients. Picking the right one with such processing is not a daunting task. Be sure to check up on all the ingredients before you make any purchase.


The age barrier could come into consideration when deciding whether to use a bath bomb for your kid. Make sure you check the ingredient list properly to certify that it is designed for kids.

Are bath bombs safe for toddlers?

Bath bombs made for kids are considered safe for toddlers. They don't contain harmful chemicals and can be used to spice up your toddler's bath time. Lush bath bombs for kids are very safe for children.

Are bath bombs safe for babies?

Babies can enjoy the bathing experience with bath bombs without issues. If you want to be guaranteed the safety of your baby's skin, rinsing off the bath bomb residue is recommended.

Are bath bombs safe for infants?

Infants can use bath bombs formulated for kids without any risk. If there is any sign of irritation due to bath bomb use, ensure you discontinue the usage and speak with your child's doctor. Parents are also advised to rinse off their infants after bathing them.

Usage frequency

As bath bombs are attractive and fun, you might be tempted to use them during every bath session. It is not advisable for bath bombs to constantly come in direct contact with your child's skin.

Even bath bombs that were created with all-natural ingredients could make your child's skin prone to irritation. You should also not buy more bath bombs than you need to use. This is because they lose their effectiveness over time.

When children use bath bombs, it's important to pay attention to the following issues:

  • Use child-sized or broken bath bombs to prevent swallowing.
  • Check ingredients to avoid dyes, chemicals, or allergens. Natural options are best.
  • Always supervise children during use to prevent eye or mouth contact.
  • Test a small skin area first if allergies are a concern.
  • Clean up quickly after to minimize bathtub staining.
  • Follow age guidelines on packaging for appropriate use.
  • Remind children to not rub eyes or eat bath bombs.
  • Store out of reach when not in use.
  • Make sure bath water is a safe temperature before adding a bomb.
  • Consider bath bombs without plastic toys or glitter to be safer options.

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