Feb 14,2023

Creating a Customized Gift Set for an American Customer

As a seller of crystal bath bombs, we received an inquiry from an American customer who was interested in purchasing only three balls at a time, packaged in a windowed folding carton. After examining his social media accounts, we noticed his interest in candles and decided to introduce our candle gift set with bath salt balls.

Our customer is a seller of essential oils, with a focus on natural wellness products. His website features a variety of essential oils, diffusers, and other wellness-related products. He has a strong social media presence and frequently posts about his products, as well as wellness tips and practices.

The customer contacted us through our website with an inquiry for our crystal bath salt balls. He requested that they be packaged in sets of three, in a windowed folding carton. After receiving his inquiry, we examined his social media accounts to learn more about his brand and interests. We noticed that he frequently posted about candles, which led us to introduce our candle gift set.

We contacted the customer with our suggestion for a gift set combining crystal bath salt balls and candles. We provided him with several options for candle scents and packaging, and he selected our lavender scented candle and a gold tin as the packaging. We then created a customized folding carton to hold three crystal bath salt balls and one candle tin, with a window to display the products. The final product was a beautiful gift set, with the crystal bath salt balls and candle packaged together in a single box.

The customer was thrilled with the gift set we created for him. He immediately placed an order for a large quantity, which he planned to feature prominently on his website and social media accounts. He praised the quality of the products and the packaging, noting that the gift set was both attractive and functional. The gift set has since become a top seller on his website and has received positive reviews from his customers.

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