Feb 14,2023

A client from the UK was searching for a children's DIY bath bomb kit that would be easy to use and require minimal steps. They wanted the project to be suitable for children aged 3 and above. To meet their needs, we suggested removing the color and fragrance DIY components from the gift box and instead mixing them in with the bath bomb materials beforehand. This approach differs from existing DIY kits on the market, but it simplifies the process, allows children to complete a bath bomb on their own without assistance, and saves on the cost of essential oils and color bottles. By using simple DIY materials, we can save on labor costs and offer a gift set that is more competitive than other DIY gift sets on the market.

To develop this product, we worked closely with our client to understand their needs and preferences. We researched various bath bomb ingredients and experimented with different mixtures to find a formula that is safe for children and easy to use. We also created detailed instructions that are easy to follow, even for children who are new to DIY projects.

After finalizing the product, we provided our client with samples to try out with their target audience. The client was pleased with the quality of the bath bombs and the ease of use, and decided to move forward with a large order. We shipped the products in a timely manner, and the client was happy with the quick turnaround time.

The DIY bath bomb kit has been a great success, with many parents and children enjoying the fun and creative process of making their own bath bombs at home. The kit has received positive feedback for its ease of use and safety, and has been a hit with children aged 3 and above.

Overall, this client success story highlights the importance of understanding customer needs and preferences when developing a product. By simplifying the DIY bath bomb kit and making it more accessible to children, we were able to offer a unique and competitive gift set that met the client's requirements and exceeded their expectations.

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