Oct 21,2022

Do expired bath bombs?

Bath bombs have a shelf life of about one year. A bath bomb will last only as long as its composite ingredient with the least shelf life. It is true that a bath bomb has a scent as sweet as an air freshener, but if it does expire, it will start to its scents as well as its good looks and effect.
If your bath bomb starts to smell bad, break up or grow mold, it is a sign that it has expired, and you should learn to throw them out at this point.

How to properly store bath bombs to extend shelf life 

While it’s most convenient to keep bath fizzies in the bathroom, this is often the worst place to store them. High humidity and warm temperatures can rapidly shorten the shelf life of your fragrant bath bomb. Here are a few best tips on extending the shelf life of bath bombs. 
Keep it airtight: To keep excess moisture and oxygen out, store your bath fizzies in an airtight container such as glass jars, plastic containers with tight-fitting lids, or Ziploc bags with excess air squeezed out. 
Group similar scents together: If you have a collection of different types of bath bombs, try to store similar fragrances together to preserve the aromas, and avoid intermingling. For example, keep all your citrus fragrances together, and all your floral scents in another container. 
Keep it cool and dry: The best place to store your collection of bath bombs is away from direct sunlight or other sources of heat. A cupboard or drawer (away from the humidity of the bathroom) is a good place. Humidity control is also key to keeping those BB fizzy for as long as possible.

Can I still use an expired bath bomb?

There is a possibility that you release dangerous compounds into your system if you utilize these expired products.

You can still use a bath bomb that is past its expiry date, depending on how long it has gone over the mark. The longer it stays, the more harmful it could be to your skin. You don't suppose an old bath bomb would have all its features intact.

A simple rule of thumb is never to use bath bombs that are way over one year old. You definitely don't want to use them if they have been sitting in a humid and damp place for over six months beyond their expiration date. Experts advise people to drop any bath bomb that has a faded color, smells rancid, or has mold on them.

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