Nov 16,2023

Amazon store opening fees start at a minimum of $39.99, which is approximately around 280 Chinese Yuan. Amazon doesn't require a deposit; opening a store only requires paying a monthly rent for a set number of months. Additionally, one can sell directly in three different countries.

To open an Amazon store, having a business license is necessary. Considering the cost of tax reporting to domestic tax authorities, it might require engaging a financial and tax agency. However, it's important to note that registering an Amazon store itself is cost-free and quite straightforward. There's no need to unnecessarily spend money to purchase an account.

Typically, after a seller registers a store and selects products, the primary task is to manage operations and promotion. If a seller wants more visibility for their products, they need to generate traffic. This involves tasks such as keyword ranking, paid PPC advertising, reviews, off-site traffic generation, etc., all of which require financial support. Of course, the expenses depend on the user's budget; spending less requires careful budgeting.

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