Nov 16,2023

Sellers on Amazon are not as numerous, and an increasing number of people wish to excel on the platform. However, the prerequisite is setting up a registered store. So, what should one pay attention to when opening an Amazon store?

Store Registration

New sellers may not know the required materials for registering a store, the criteria for materials after the second review, or how to register. Presently, there are two ways to register an Amazon store: through official store registration or registration via a business manager.
Information required for Amazon registration (email, phone).
Business license (can be individual or enterprise license; the scope of operations must include online sales).
All payment and receipt account data must match the information on the individual's ID.

Product Selection

Choosing products is crucial; the items you choose will sell well. Random selections won't suffice; it requires analyzing product sales data, market conditions, and product quality.
Firstly, consider whether your funds are sufficient, primarily choosing products around $10-50. If your available capital is $10,000-20,000, you can opt for products under $20. If funds permit, you can also select products priced over $100.
Preferably, choose products that are small in size, lightweight, and of decent quality. The journey on Amazon is gradual, and if the product quality isn't good enough, users may receive subpar items, resulting in negative reviews or even return complaints. In severe cases, your store might cease sales.

Select Suitable Products Based on Market Conditions

Products should have easily accessible suppliers and not be monopolized by major sellers. Keep an eye on news to understand consumer habits, aligning with the current market situation. Pay attention to patent issues; many popular products have European and American patents. So, it's crucial to be cautious while selecting products. Even if a product is excellent, patent issues might limit its prospects. Requesting authorization isn't always reasonable and might not guarantee store or fund recovery.

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