Feb 28,2023

Understanding shower steamers Around Pets

When eyeing those fragrant, fizzy shower steamers, it's tempting to think they'd be enjoyable for pets too. But before exposing furry friends to them, it's worth considering if it's a good idea.

The Lowdown on Aromatic Oils in Shower Steamers

Shower steamers transform mundane showers into spa-like aromatherapy. Packed with essential oils that release into steam, they create a scented haven. But for pets, these oils may be more overwhelming than soothing. Their noses are much stronger, so what smells good to us can be too potent for them.

Some essential oils, though natural, aren't pet-friendly. In fact, some like eucalyptus, tea tree, and peppermint can cause issues ranging from respiratory distress to liver damage in animals.

The Impact of Inhalation on Pets

Imagine your pet lounging while you use a steamer. The room fills with relaxing lavender or citrus scented steam. Nice for you, but what about your pet? Pets inhale these oils just by being nearby, and their bodies respond differently.

Pets, especially birds and small animals, have delicate respiratory tracts. Inhaling scented particles can lead to coughing, wheezing, or worse issues. Cats are at particular risk - they lack liver enzymes to break down compounds, causing toxic buildup.

Skin Contact Concerns for Pets and Shower Steamers

It's not just inhalation - there's also steamer residue risks. Pets may paw at or lick dissolving steamers or leftover residue. That direct contact or ingestion can lead to irritation or more severe internal problems.

Some oils can chemically burn skin or cause irritation. Even small ingested amounts may lead to gastrointestinal upset or worse. Imagine if your dog licked residue and ended up at the vet from a stomach ache.

Alternatives for a Pet-Safe Aromatic Experience

If steamers are too risky, there are safer aromatic options without worrying about pets. Try soy candles with pet-friendly scents or diluted diffuser fragrances placed out of reach.

Look for pet-safe products designed specifically with animal concerns in mind. Some companies create lines without risky ingredients that still provide lovely scents. It's about making informed choices.

Creating a Safe Environment for Everyone in the Home

Ultimately, it's about a home environment that's safe and enjoyable for everyone, pets included. With any scented product, including steamers, consider the potential impact on animals. It may mean skipping that eucalyptus steamer for pet peace of mind.

Making a safe haven means mindfulness about small things that could pose a risk, be it steamers, cleaning products, foods, or even plants. Taking time to research and understand pet safety shows the love and care you have for them.

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