Dec 23,2022

An US client are finding some supplier which can offering a bath bomb full with the Epsom salts, and they will sold the bath bomb in Amazon. They did the research in Amazon and found both bath bomb and Epsom salts sold very well, so they want to combine these two together. And the main function of the bath bomb is to relax the body and relieves the mind, Achy muscles and refresh skin's appearance.   But Epsom salts is wet, it is easy to make the bath bomb lose the fizz effect, before we mixed the Epsom salts with the bath bomb, we have to make sure the salts were dry enough. And we try several ways and finally find the best way to remove the wet from salts.   Now this bath bomb are already on sales and sold very good.  If you are interested in developing your own formula, welcome to contact with me. 

We specialize in the production of bath bombs and soaps, and update and release new products every quarter to optimize your shopping experience. We provide reasonable and competitive prices while ensuring perfect product quality and on-time delivery date. Professional designers and equipment, you can trust us to help you build your brand, and we can also use our rich experience to provide you procurement suggestions. Support ODM and OEM, welcome to customize your own logo and packaging culture.

Quality:There is a professional quality control team in our factory, all products will be inspected one by one before delivery to ensure quality, we can offer high quality products to UK, USA, German, Spain, Italy, Turkey, France, Finland, Canada, Japan, Mexico, Australia …

Why choosing our factory?
1. Good quality, years of soap making experience。
2. OEM, ODM manufacturer / factory, reducing the cost and interest between trading company.
3. Guaranteed quality, delivery on time.
4. Creditable manufacturer / factory, your reliable supplier.

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Pre-Sale: we customize exclusive product solutions for individual OEM/ODM customers.
In-Sale: Sample proofing service/video during production Free designs; photo video filming & editing: promoting help
After-Sale: Drop-shipping/ Overseas warehouse storage Help sales if there is too much inventory
Delivery: UPS, DHL, FedEx, TNT, EMS, etc.DAP, DDP, DDU, EXW, FOB By Air, by Sea, by train, by truck, etc.