Dec 23,2022

An UK client are looking for DIY bath bomb for kids, and they need the DIY bath bomb set to be more simple, don't need too much steps, they need this items to be suitable for 3+ kids. So we recommend clients to remove the color DIY and scents DIY in the gift set, mixing the colors and scents beforehand in the bath bomb raw material. This is a little different from existing DIY kit in the market, but it is more simple and to do it themselves, kids can finish a bath bomb without help. And also, with the simple DIY material, we can save the cost for the essential oil bottle, the color bottle and also some additional labor, finally this gift set are much more competitive than the existing DIY gift set in the market. If you are interested in developing your own products, welcome to contact with me.

We can offer you:
1.One-stop service, track logistics information 24 hours a day.
2. Short delivery time: 5-25 days after delivery.
3. Transportation mode: shipping, air transportation, express delivery and other ways you can choose.
4. Provide free samples, you can take the sample first and then make the purchase decision.

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