Feb 15,2023

What is a bath bomb?

If you don’t know what a bath bomb is, it’s essentially a ball made primarily from sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), which is combined with additional ingredients such as essential oils, fragrances, and other additives.
These balls are then dropped into the tub filled with hot water, releasing an amazing aroma of essential oils, as well as helping to give your skin a spa-like treatment when you soak in the tub after wards.

The first bath bombs were actually invented in 1989 by Lush, a cosmetics company based in the UK. They were created by Lush co-founder Mo Constantine, who was experimenting with a mixture of citric acid, sodium bicarbonate, and essential oils. This combination created a fizzy reaction when added to water, and thus the first bath bomb was born.

From 1989 to today

Over three decades of innovation.

  • 1989: Lush Co-founder and Product Inventor Mo Constantine creates the first-ever bath bomb in her garden shed. Her goal was “to introduce things to the bath which you wouldn’t normally be able to, such as peels, petals, butters and essential oils; lovely ingredients which would be beneficial to the skin.”
  • 1990: On April 27th, Lush trademarks the term ''bath bomb'' - the day now marks the official date of World Bath Bomb Day.
  • 1992: Butterball, our longest-standing bath bomb is created.
  • 1999: A bath bomb is exhibited in the Tate Art Gallery Shop in London.
  • 2003: Sex Bomb is created by the winners of our “Design a Bath Ballistic” competition. Today it’s still a fan favorite and one of our bestselling bath bombs.
  • 2010: Limited-edition Wild Rose Bath Bomb is created to raise funds and bring awareness to the environmental impacts of fossil fuel extraction. Raising $42,000 for two grassroots organizations combatting climate change: Indigenous Environmental Network and Rainforest Action Network.
  • 2012: Dual-layered bath bombs are invented and patented. “Every time we formulate new products there has to be a benefit to them, but we also want to make bathtime a bit more interesting. Aside from treating the skin to an abundance of rich butters and oils, bath bombs are now creating a unique ambience in your bathroom with a burst of fragrance and color,” says Jack Constantine, product inventor and chief digital officer.
  • 2015: #BathArt launches its wildly successful campaign turning bathing into an art form.
  • 2018: Lush opens a bath bomb concept store in Harajuku, Japan.
  • 2018: Lush creates the world’s biggest bath bomb, weighing over 3 tonnes!
  • 2022: Over 400 different designs created and over 300 million bath bombs sold globally. Lush celebrates World Bath Bomb Day with a 100,000 random acts of kindness—gifting Lushies around the world bath bombs.
  • 2023: Lush introduces the world to Bath Bot, an immersive experience revolutionizing the way we take a bath. Bath Bot takes bathing to new heights with sound, color and light.

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